School management system is one kind of software where administrator can easily handle every official work through this software. It can handle a whole lot of administrative modules created to solve manual filling and calculations. These modules can be all integrated into a single database accessible anytime, anywhere via the web. Administrator accesses it by personal Id and password from Administrator panel.

School Management System is a combination of module of real time database admin system which can be used for managing your school’s day to day business. Its like a compiler of school’s information electronically, including information on students, teachers, examination, library, inventory etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated. Version 3.0 has added new functionalities and new features.

List of modules of School Management Software

Secure user login in: – Our school software is fully protected and can be access by valid username & password.

Academic Session – Before start student admission in one academic year school authority need to create that particular session name like 2017-2018.

Create Class – List of class need to be created for students to assigned to it. Eg Class Emerald, Class Joy, Class Probitas.

Create Subjects – List of subjects of particular class can be set from here.

Fees items -List of fees item need to create under fees module

Student Admission- New student can entry under Admission module. Based on current session, class and section new student can take admission. Roll number will be automatically generated based based on class & section. Each student will get Admission number after take admission & admission number is unqiue.

Add a Teacher -There are available all options what information generally has needed for a teacher details information like Role, Slab, Employee id, Name, Phone no, Address, Qualification, Joining date, photos etc. Administrator just put student’s information according to available options.

Library -Manage book, Issue book, return book and Book renewal all options are available in here. Librarian can easily handle their library.

Exam Report – Administrator can generate exam report from here by choosing session, class, section, student name and exam name after that the report will be generated automatically.

Income / Expenditure Head- This option created for some common expenses like electric bill, phone bill etc.

Income / Expenditure – Administrator can see all income and expenses with explanation from here.

Fees Collection – Administrator or accountant can put student’s fees collection details in here after that he/she can also check individual student’s fees details from here.

15) Balance Sheet – All monthly or yearly balance can add or change from here.

16) SMS & Email Features – SMS & Email Features include in all necessary modules.